A little more about me!

Hi everybody! I am Kirti Bhardwaj, 18, about to enter college and right now, preparing for exams.

Things you should know about me-

  • Education- I pursued humanities and arts because I feel it’s very diverse and I love my subjects. History. Psychology. Literature.( Literature is love!)
  • My hobbies and interests- I love painting. In fact, it is the hobby I’ve been doing since I was a kid and this is a hobby that has stuck with me for a long time (I’ll cover this topic in one of my future posts). Other than that, I’m an avid reader. I love reading novels and poems and information on any topic I like. I’ve been learning classical singing for two years. Other smaller hobbies are- Writing, and learning anything new!


  • I wish to learn to play piano (maybe violin too), French, any one dance form, blogging (He He) and many more things that are just mere wishes.
  • I love being organised and making lists and maintaining diaries for noting down the ideas. Besides, I like to do planning and finding strategies to do things in a better way.
  • I’m a learner.

I guess this is all.

Have a nice day and keep doing stuff!

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