What practicing music everyday for more than a month taught me a.k.a Why regularity/ consistency is good


On 25th February I decided to practice one taan of my syllabus of classical music everyday. The aim was to prepare regularly for my music practical that is to be held in May. Moreover, the task I gave to myself was so small to be done on a daily basis that I thought it wouldn’t interfere with my preparation for my final exams of last year of high school.


It started pretty well and I have been doing it regularly and it’s 7 April today! And it’s still going on. During this long period, I couldn’t practice for three days but it still is a great progress for me. I have jot down in points the things I learnt from this experience-

Improvement/ Growth

One obvious result of such regularity is that you continuously get better at the activity you’re doing.

Mini goals work really well!

According to my experiences, I have almost always not been able to stick to a plan because I set big goals – doing all 8 or 10 or 13 taan of a raga in one day etc. You’re regular in the beginning but then the motivation slowly fades away. So fixing a goal at such a small level ensures regularity.


Being regular at a thing, doing it everyday, however small it is, gives a sense of momentum and moving in the right direction. It’s self assuring to see that you’re putting effort at a thing everyday and going somewhere.

Allows freedom to do other things

I am a multipotentialite. I have too many interests and I simply can’t choose one. Nor can I control the urge to begin doing or reading about something that I recently developed a fascination for. However, it also interferes with the feeling of ‘progress’. You’re doing many things but not going any further. On the other hand, doing just one thing and making progress in it feels boring because it doesn’t allow me to try new things and get ‘carried away’ with the feeling. But the mini goal idea allowed me to progress at one thing and simultaneously, provided me ample time to do other things as well. I did painting, calligraphy, and lots of reading during the period.

Sense of connection

Doing things like painting, reading, singing etc etc gives me a sense of being connected to myself. The experience of doing something I like everyday also gave me the idea that why don’t I fix some activities to do everyday no matter what? I know routines and ‘regularity’ are considered as being opposite to adventure and spontaneity. But I think it is all about balance. I love adventure and doing new things everyday but I also think doing some fixed things reminds me of my nature. It’s like a mechanism that helps you avoid breaking down and ‘getting lost’ during tough periods of life.



Inspired by this experience, I’m thinking about making a plan that would allow me to be adventurous and at the same time, provide me a sense of consistency in life.

What are your views about regularity and progress? Do you like taking small steps everyday or big steps at irregular intervals?

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