What blogging is for me



Okay. Here are some confessions-

  • I’m a beginner at blogging
  • This blog is focused on learning so I won’t feel ashamed of being a beginner..at anything…at ALL!

Now, at this stage- having posted three posts, being only 18, and having just ideas…lots of ideas, but just…ideas, these thoughts are running in my mind-

Where will it go?

Will I leave it?

Will people like my posts?

What if after some time I get a completely new idea and I feel like changing the whole setup of my blog?

….which, I think, is okay to be feeling right now. We all are beginners at some moments of our lives and to be honest, I love the feeling of doing something for the first time. It’s not even the feeling of being a beginner that’s problematic. It’s the feeling of..

“I’m showing myself to the world, I need to have a solid idea”

Okay, here’s an observation- One of my friends wants to start YouTubing and this particular thought is like a hurdle for her too. You see! We all are at the same place.

It comes in my mind that all those successful people started like us one day, they must also have been apprehensive and anxious. But all we see is the end result, not the journey.

And this blog is about the journey.


This blog is about growing the fun way, about starting from bottom, and providing inspiration.

When I began this blog, I didn’t have any expectations from it. I don’t have any ‘big’ expectations from it even now too. But, the area I’m focusing on i.e. learning, is something I’m really passionate about. And I feel I may not lose interest in this and I may not run out of ideas.

Anyway, I’m also not putting a pressure on myself to take it somewhere. Or like, “It SHOULD be a success!”. That’s why, only small, mini steps at a time. I am making a list of mini goals I wish to accomplish (for now). If I achieve these, I’ll add more to the list.


You can see my blogging goals here.

Happy learning friends! 😄


How did you feel when you first began blogging? Or when you were a beginner in an activity?

2 thoughts on “What blogging is for me

  1. Kirti Bhardwaj says:

    Thank you so much for your support! It gives me motivation to go on. The beginning phase of blogging is sometimes discouraging as you expect people to read your stuff. But then I know it takes time and these little efforts by you make me go on. Thanks again! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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