What’s up with me: Exams and creativity

I haven’t been taking big projects in painting. Just small practices like practicing washes. Lately I made this time lapse video-

Meanwhile one day I tried to make my own font using painting brushes and watercolours. I’ve always liked small positive messages written in beautiful calligraphy. But calligraphy with painting brushes….. Isn’t that EXCITING??….This was something new for me and I always wanted to try this. So I did 😄

I didn’t return to it since that day. But hopefully I will one day. Have a look

Besides, for reading I have ‘The shadow of the wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

I’m not regular because of exams but then you always come back to the novel you’re reading if you like it. Here I wanna add that anyone who loves books, libraries and the feeling of being surrounded by books will like this novel. It begins with the protagonist’s visit to the ‘Cemetery of Forgotten books’ where he finds The Shadow of the wind and then the journey of knowing about its author begins.

This is all for now. I intend to take many other projects as soon as exams finish.

Have a nice day!


What projects have you taken lately?

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