Ever tried making the ‘Me’ diagram?

Me diagram’ is a term that I created myself.

One day I was just making a list of areas I want to focus on in my life. Have a look-

The list went like this-

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Career
  • Me

The career part was easy to represent as you can see in the picture. It had only two goals the time I made the list. However, when I reached the ‘Me’ part, I realized that it was simply too diverse. I had and I have many areas to focus on both growth wise and well being wise.

For example, in the Skills and Knowledge section, I have a rough list of things I know like painting and a list of activities I want to learn at some point of my life like playing piano. Here’s a close up-

Similarly, I have some personal goals that affect the behaviour like these

Similarly, there are some activities that are important for my well being. I have put them under the heading Soul. These include-

  • Reading
  • Writing

How I benefitted from making the ‘Me’ diagram-

It helped me have a clear picture of what things I want to focus on. Simply because we all are very diverse, we may have many goals only for ourselves.

I want to focus on painting properly.

I also feel I want to be more assertive.ย 

Same is for confidence.

But I am focusing on my website right now!

Making a rough list takes it all out of your head and puts it on paper for future reference. I made the list months ago and it still is of help to me.


So have you tried making the ‘Me’ diagram or any such representation of yourself?

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