‘Let’s make it fun’ challenge Day #1: Creative journal

Okay! So I guess everyone or most of you like to write journals. If not journal, then any notebook you like to use regularly. Today’s task is to pop it a bit. Be creative. Do anything that would make your journal entry look ‘different’, I mean ‘good different’.

For example, I usually write in my diary quite normally. A blue pen, sometimes sketches. Now I’ve started to first use watercolours to make the page colourful and then write over it. This has made writing even more fun! Take a look!

In today’s entry, I made a green background because of the beginning of my day with lots of greenery (Third picture from the top). I made a rough sketch of myself looking at the treetop( because I find treetops really really pretty! 😊). It’s been more than a year since I’ve made a proper painting so my sketch is not quite ‘accurate’ but that doesn’t matter.

So you see, it’s easy-

  • Make today’s journal entry look different.
  • You can use any way, anything you want to.
  • Write a post about it and comment the link to your post here.

If you’re reading about this challenge here for the first time and don’t know what it is about, go here.

Stay connected for the tomorrow’s fun challenge! 😊


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