Did I discuss about Multipotentiality?

This post is a personal one. Four-five months back, when I was thinking about how I have multiple talents and interests and how difficult it was for me to manage all the interests, I Googled it-

I have multiple talents and interests

Something like this… And I came across this video by Emilie Wapnick- “Why some of us don’t have one true calling”

You can go and watch it here.

How it changed my life

Earlier I used to feel it wasn’t good that I was not good at just ‘one’ thing. Although I felt good about having multiple interests, but the slow progress at any one of those disheartened me. Other times, there were moments when I obsessively tried to control my desire to do painting or anything else because it was obstructing normal functioning of my life. But then when I would stop doing it because, for example, vacation ended, then I wouldn’t touch my brushes for months.

I felt like including this excerpt from my diary written on 12 February, 2016 here-

…Either I can sit and paint and paint for hours, days etc or I cannot paint for days. Every painting takes hours and I can’t afford to give that much everyday and if I give- it’s so addictive- I can’t do any other work.

I don’t like it. It happens with me every time. I get obsessed with painting for a part of the year and then when school starts or a change of situation comes, I stop painting and then I don’t paint for months- major portion of the year. I want consistency. I don’t want to get too involved in painting to stop doing other work but I don’t want to leave it also….

As time passed, I began to notice this pattern in every activity I did-


Surface pattern designing


Learning French

etc, etc, etc.

Watching this video of Emilie Wapnick was a relief. I realized that-

It is okay.

It is okay to have many interests.

It is okay to have so much passion for an activity even if it is temporary.

It is okay not to be consistent.

I realized that I am multipotentialite.

How did it change my life? … I’m glad I got introduced to this concept at a point of time when I had to think about my career. I realized it is important for me to keep doing new things and creative things for my happiness. I realized I needed to craft a career(maybe blogging) that allows me to use all my potentialities, that I won’t be happy by specializing in one subject I like. So in other words, it has made me aware of important things I need to consider for my career.

Besides, Emilie Wapnick’s blog – Puttylike is a blog filled with rich content giving you methods to deal with overwhelm, to manage time, to manage your multiple interests and many other stuff! There’s a separate page that includes links to blogs explaining what multipotentiality is. Besides, there are posts regarding how to make a successful career as a multipotentialite. Real life stories and case studies of people make it feel even more possible that Yes, I can do it!

I want to clear some things here-

  • Personally, I don’t like to give and take labels because I feel they lead to divisions and putting of a person into a category which is not accurate because no one is completely ‘something’. Each one of us has attributes in varying degrees. So I would say that my personality matches a lot with the concept of multipotentiality.
  • I am not, in any way, saying that being a particular kind is ‘better’ or ‘superior’. I’m just sharing my discovery of an aspect of myself.


Seems familiar? Maybe you’re also a multipotentialite. Go check out the blog Puttylike. There’s a separate page having links to posts explaining what multipotentiality is. It is the best place for you. 😃

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