‘Let’s make it fun’ challenge Day #2: Make a list

This is the second day of ‘Let’s make it fun’ challenge. If you’re reading about it first time through this post, go here to see what it is about.

Today’s challenge- Make a list!

Today’s task is to sit and think about at most 10 things (apart from food, money, and clothes etc) that you would want to take with you if you were suddenly shifting. Also mention a brief reason as to why each of those things are important. Remember, count only those things that are really important to you for your happiness.

For example, my list includes-

  • My painting material, sheets, colours, brushes etc (because I love painting)
  • Novels and books that I’m currently reading and planning to read (because regular reading is important for my well being)
  • My diaries and a pen (Thinking, reflecting and writing is important for me)
  • Supply of internet (Because my future career depends on that)
  • A device to access that internet so my phone
  • Earphones for music
  • My harmonium (To practice the notes of classical music)
  • A pendrive (I like collecting files and media that resonate with me, that’s why)

Here’s how you can participate-

  • Comment your list in this post or
  • If you’re writing a post on this, comment here including a link to the post.


  • At most 10 things.
  • Things that are really important for your happiness.
  • Why they are important.

Have a nice day!😄


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