Some goals achieved!


In the blog post, ‘What blogging is for me‘ I stated some small goals in the end. And it turns out I have achieved two of them!

  • Write ten posts by the end of April  (I had written 8 posts by April and wrote the remaining 2 by May 2)
  • Ten followers  (Yeay! 10 followers by May 4)

It is a small achievement, but I had thought even this would be difficult.

Ten followers? It would take so long…

Thank you so much everyone. 😊

This post is also to tell you that I have decided to have a separate page for goals which will include not only my blogging goals but goals from other areas as well. I call this page The ‘Goals’ List.

Have a nice day. 😊


11 thoughts on “Some goals achieved!

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Kirti,
    Congratulations on getting 10 followers.
    I met you on Danny’s site. Maybe you can check out my blog. I offer Blogging Tips and I host 10 blogging events each month including parties like Danny.

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