A Blogging Lesson



It’s been more than two months since I started blogging. I’ve written 20 posts but more than that I have learnt things that only this experience could have taught me. One of them is that-

People want to connect.

How I came to this conclusion?

I write about a lot of things- productivity, learning, personal development, positivity among the main heads. I’ve written many posts, put a lot of effort in many of them. Few days ago I just experimented and wrote a post from my personal diary. I just typed the diary entry same to same. No editing. Nothing. It was titled ‘Realizations that made my life easier’. 

The response I got from people was….lovely. People really wanted to tell what realizations made their life easier. It was also surprising for me to get such a large amount of response because I didn’t put any effort into the post like I did in others.

In short, don’t do the effort to be a certain way, sound a certain way. Just be you. The only thing that makes us all similar is our ability to feel. We are all so similar when it comes to our ability to feel. And people love things they can relate with. They love vulnerability because they can relate with it. People love things they can see themselves in. Don’t hide yourself. That’s very important.

In fact, not only in blogging. In any activity. Don’t hide yourself. Ever been in a situation when you come up with an idea but don’t say it because you feel it’s stupid or something? But someone else comes up with that idea too, says it and the idea is really loved by people. And you feel like why didn’t you trust yourself?

It’s the same thing here also.


For the past few days I feel like I’m not showing myself completely out there, that I want to write about a lot more topics because they are a part of me but I don’t. I will now. 😊


So do you think you’re putting yourself out there in your blog posts?

5 thoughts on “A Blogging Lesson

  1. BatchesOfBeauty says:

    I’ve definitely been putting myself out there with my current blog. In the past, I hadn’t and even though I’ve only been blogging a little over 2 months now, I’ve been putting more effort into connecting with other bloggers because when I think back to the previous blogs, I realize one of the main reasons I stopped blogging was because I felt alone.
    Things looks a lot brighter when I’m reading someone’s blog post and I feel compelled to leave a comment. It’s like meeting new friends in the outside world. It feels good and it’s comforting. Connecting is definitely one of the main perks of blogging for me.

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  2. Kirti Bhardwaj says:

    True. We’re all writing so that our stuff gets read, and people react to it. Blogging is fun when you make friends and when you’re not alone. By the way, good luck for your blogging goals. ☺

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