Settling is boring

The feeling that we’re learning something new brings excitement in life. I think, having learnt something, having reached a particular level to stop at it makes life boring. Sitting still is boring. Doing nothing is boring. Settling at a thing after having learnt it is boring.

Settling is boring.

The end gives happiness, having reached the destination gives happiness, but temporary. The true fun and thrill is in the process. It’s easy as a human being to learn something and then get satisfied with it. And to stop doing something new because we think we have reached a ‘level’ and that learning stops there. But similarly, it is very easy to keep doing things. To keep feeling. To keep giving life to life.

And we ask… what’s missing?

At least in my case, I’ve got the answer to this question. Maybe you’re doing things everyday but not growing. If you can make a tree, try to make a landscape. If you know how to speak French, try reading French literature. If you know that move, try doing it perfectly today. If you paint good, try to put your ‘imagination’ on paper today.

It never stops. Learning never stops. There is no limit to it. Unless we assume there is one which is very easy when we have already learnt something of an activity. We’ll get to know soon that we’re not growing because life will begin to seem boring.

Now you know what you need to do.😊


Have you ever felt bored in life? What conclusion did you draw from it?

5 thoughts on “Settling is boring

  1. BatchesOfBeauty says:

    This is so true. I get bored when I feel I haven’t flexed my brain muscles one way or another.
    Some people seek new knowledge to ease the feeling of boredom, while others choose to “settle” and complain about how boring their life is.
    Life is a journey, and it doesn’t end. I even consider death a journey because who knows what happens afterwards?
    Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

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