Buying a new diary: 1/2- Leaving the old one

A post shared by Kirti Bhardwaj (@linking_dots) on May 30, 2017 at 9:38pm PDT

Thank you for being there for the last two years. Thank you for giving me a place where I could think what I wanted to, do what I wanted to, write what I wanted to. You’re a treasure, you’re a guide for me for the coming years. In you I’ve found pieces of myself, in you I’ve stored realizations that will make me not do the mistakes that I did in the past again. This is the last entry I’m writing here. I’ll sure miss the familiarity of your thin pages and close lines.
Remember, I’ll come back to you again and again in search of myself when I’ll be lost. So you’re something that I cherish very much.
I do feel bad about the pages that have been left blank. But I’ll make sure I fill them with something. Or maybe no. Let them be as they are. For a phase ends with this page and so do you my diary.
Thank you.


How do you feel when you change your diary? Do you also feel like you’re leaving an old friend?


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