Why do we do the right things?

As I move on with life, I encounter many small, minor, insignificant experiences which leave me thinking, “What am I getting by being morally right?”….”Why do I do the ‘right’ things when the ‘wrong’ is being done on a large scale?” And most importantly, why after doing the morally right things, it all ends with “ignore what’s happening”?, it all ends with a voice agreeing to get quiet because “it’s a small thing”.
I’m referring to situations like when you wait in a queue but someone just doesn’t do so and gets things easily. Or when someone throws wrappers in the open before you and you’re there keeping wrappers in your bag so that you throw them in the dustbin when you get home. When you believe in listening to people first and then keeping your point but people don’t listen to you when it’s your turn.
You feel it? Small things but affect you a lot, make you question yourself.

“Isn’t doing the right supposed to make one feel powerful?” I always used to think that since the right is so good, so desired, so right, doing it must make one feel powerful. Turns out that mostly it doesn’t.

Then why do I and you still do the right things?
I don’t know. Do you know?
Even if you don’t know, keep doing what’s right, maybe because that’s how you are.
I don’t know….



I’m posting something after such a long time, I got caught up in my exam results and application process of colleges. Wish me luck, it’s a crucial time for me. 😃

So, do you also question yourself as to why you still do the right things?


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