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Hello everyone!

My name is Kirti Bhardwaj. I’m about to enter college so I’m still a student. I’m a multipotentialite. I paint, sing, write, and I love to do all sorts of creative things. Being a learner and a beginner is my thing. I cannot emphasize it more. I’m an art lover and expression through art is my need.


That’s me!

I’m one of those people who get happy by looking at treetops, sunrise etc, those who get happiness in small things.

What will you find on this blog?

  • To put in a few words, this blog is about my views on different topics that matter to me. I’m simply too diverse! So what binds together my posts is how I perceive things.
  • However, to give you some idea, I’ll mostly cover topics of learning, growth, personal development, and self-growth and topics that are related to these. So, I have a lot to write about!
  • You’ll also see posts related to things I think about. Posts where I just pour my thoughts. Unedited, raw thoughts.


Why ‘happycreativegeek’?

Because, I guess these three words characterise me the best.


Creative- Because I love doing all sorts of creative activities.

Geek- I lack the ability to stop myself from looking for info on a topic that interests me. And I (kinda obsessively) keep noting down better ways of doing things whenever an idea pops into my head. So yeah.



If you have any ideas regarding creativity and making life happy or want to have a talk about books, painting, writing, traveling, singing, or anything, send me a mail. Don’t be shy! I’ll reply. I promise 😘