Where have I been?

Hey my fellow readers, I thought I should inform you- it's a low point in my life for many small and big reasons.  But the biggest reason is that my orthodontic treatment has somewhat gone wrong. I'm facing all the negative consequences. The treatment which reverses this is not practiced in India. I spent hours … Continue reading Where have I been?


What’s up with me

Hey! It's time for another 'What's up with me' post. These days I'm mostly up for doing reading, painting, journaling and blogging along with thinking about my future. Blogging has become an important part of the day and I'm enjoying it very much. However, because of some problems with my phone I have not been … Continue reading What’s up with me

Did I discuss about Multipotentiality?

This post is a personal one. Four-five months back, when I was thinking about how I have multiple talents and interests and how difficult it was for me to manage all the interests, I Googled it- I have multiple talents and interests Something like this... And I came across this video by Emilie Wapnick- "Why … Continue reading Did I discuss about Multipotentiality?

What’s up with me: Exams and creativity

I haven't been taking big projects in painting. Just small practices like practicing washes. Lately I made this time lapse video- Meanwhile one day I tried to make my own font using painting brushes and watercolours. I've always liked small positive messages written in beautiful calligraphy. But calligraphy with painting brushes..... Isn't that EXCITING??....This was … Continue reading What’s up with me: Exams and creativity

A little more about me!

Hi everybody! I am Kirti Bhardwaj, 18, about to enter college and right now, preparing for exams. Things you should know about me- Education- I pursued humanities and arts because I feel it's very diverse and I love my subjects. History. Psychology. Literature.( Literature is love!) My hobbies and interests- I love painting. In fact, … Continue reading A little more about me!