Why do we do the right things?

As I move on with life, I encounter many small, minor, insignificant experiences which leave me thinking, "What am I getting by being morally right?"...."Why do I do the 'right' things when the 'wrong' is being done on a large scale?" And most importantly, why after doing the morally right things, it all ends with … Continue reading Why do we do the right things?


I could do anything with this day

It's 9 something in the morning. I woke up half an hour or so ago and then I checked my mobile for notifications. It didn't take long. Just ten minutes I guess. Then I kept the phone and suddenly realized amidst the silence and freshness of the morning that I had a full day before … Continue reading I could do anything with this day

Settling is boring

The feeling that we're learning something new brings excitement in life. I think, having learnt something, having reached a particular level to stop at it makes life boring. Sitting still is boring. Doing nothing is boring. Settling at a thing after having learnt it is boring. Settling is boring. The end gives happiness, having reached … Continue reading Settling is boring

A Blogging Lesson

  It's been more than two months since I started blogging. I've written 20 posts but more than that I have learnt things that only this experience could have taught me. One of them is that- People want to connect. How I came to this conclusion? I write about a lot of things- productivity, learning, … Continue reading A Blogging Lesson

‘Let’s make it fun challenge’ Day #5: The book you’re reading

Its the fifth day of the let's make it fun challenge.  Okay, today's task is to tell me about the book/ novel you're reading currently.  Let's begin with me. I am reading the Shadow of the wind. It is about a boy who is taken to the 'Cemetery of forgotten books' where he finds the … Continue reading ‘Let’s make it fun challenge’ Day #5: The book you’re reading

What’s up with me

Hey! It's time for another 'What's up with me' post. These days I'm mostly up for doing reading, painting, journaling and blogging along with thinking about my future. Blogging has become an important part of the day and I'm enjoying it very much. However, because of some problems with my phone I have not been … Continue reading What’s up with me

How I note down my ideas (in a hassle free way)

You're traveling in a bus, thinking and suddenly one great idea comes into your mind about a project you're working on. Meanwhile you are thinking of important tasks you have to do that day. On the top of it, you're involuntarily planning about how you will prepare for that test or for that project. Okay. … Continue reading How I note down my ideas (in a hassle free way)