The ‘Goals’ list

This is the page where I’ll keep a record of my mini goals in various areas of my life.


  • Write ten posts by the end of April  (I had written 8 posts by April and wrote the remaining 2 by May 2)
  • Ten followers  (Yeay! 10 followers by May 4)
  • Twenty followers ( Yeay! 20 followers on May 7)
  • Twenty posts (in total) by the end of May.(20 posts published by May 11)
  • Forty posts in total by the end of June
  • Fifty followers
  • Hundred followers
  • Discussion post
  • Vlogging


    • Finish painting series 1
    • Finish painting series 2
    • Exhibition


    • Finish the smashbook
    • Make my own journal


    • Read ‘The little Prince’


    • A stage performance of singing
    • Learn playing Piano


    • A part time online job
    • YouTube channel

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